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Every bouquet is an original, we try to find a suitable flower for every bride in such a way that it also underlines her personality and character. This is why we prefer a meeting in person where we get to know the bride. We also design bouquets from photos of brides - if they are living abroad or if the groom wants to choose the bouquet. We then choose suitable flowers and their colour for the wedding bouquet together at the meeting according to photos of the wedding dress, bride's figure, make-up and other accessories. Meetings with us must be ordered by telephone of e-mail.

After selection of all decorations, we present the bride with individual proposals and budgets for these. We guarantee a longevity of the wedding bouquet of 48 hours. We deliver the flowers to the bride on the day before the wedding or on the day of the wedding. The hairdresser needs the flowers to decorate the hair early in the morning. We decorate the chapel, church or restaurant with flowers and accessories on the wedding day.

We provide every bride with the maximum service so that she no longer needs to worry about the flowers on her wedding day. Although all of the flowers are labelled so that everyone knows who gets which flower, we recommend that the flowers we give to the bride are shown to the witness or mother so that they too know which flowers belong to whom. If the bride has less worries, she will feel wonderful and will look all the better for it.

It is important when choosing flowers to take the season into consideration. For example, tulips and lily of the valley are only available in spring, but there are many more seasonal flowers.

It is recommended that the bride has her favourite flower in the wedding bouquet so she has fond memories of it for the rest of her life. In the past there were always period when one wedding flower was fashionable, now anything goes, the choice is up to you alone. Despite this, the most popular flower for weddings is the rose - the queen of flowers.

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