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Price and availability have entered for each wedding bouquet. We will be happy to provide you with an rough price for the wedding bouquet over the telephone or via e-mail.

What influences the price of a wedding bouquet?

  • Flowers in a wedding bouquet

    • The type and variety of flowers - roses, tulips, kala - different flowers have different prices. This applies both for the type of flower and also for the variety. E.g. around ninety varieties of rose are imported to the Czech Republic. We choose the type and variety of flowers for the wedding bouquet, which the bride wants to have in her wedding bouquet and above all, ones that suit the bride. We order our flowers from Holland from the flower markets and so apart from the regular varieties, we use flowers in our wedding bouquets, which are not usually imported to the Czech Republic at all.
    • The quality of the flowers - we only use the best quality flowers for our wedding bouquets. We order the flowers from Holland and go to collect them in person from the wholesalers when they are imported to the Czech Republic. We then choose the highest quality flowers from the imported goods and do not leave things up to the delivery service to deliver the flowers we, if you like, you have requested to us. Thanks to this personal selection directly at the supplier, we can guarantee the high quality of the flowers. And if we do not like the flowers - which does happen - we contact the bride and try to agree on another alternative.
    • The age of the flowers - we use the freshest of flowers for our wedding bouquets. Because we order the flowers solely for your wedding, the age of the flowers imported from abroad is only a few days. The period from import of the flowers from abroad until we hand them over to you in your wedding bouquet is usually two to three days.
  • Binding a wedding bouquet

    • Freely bound wedding bouquet - the simplest and also cheapest arrangement where individual flower stalks are only bound with a decorative cord or ribbon. The technique for this binding is the same as for gift bouquets. The advantage of this binding is its simplicity and price. The disadvantage is that the stalk of the bouquet may be several centimetres thick and the bouquet is then more difficult to hold. In order for the flowers to last as long as possible, the wedding bouquet must be kept in a vase with water before and after the ceremony. The stalk of the bouquet is then wet during the ceremony and the bride must have a tissue with her to dry her hands, sign the register and accept congratulations. This is probably the greatest disadvantage of this method of binding. There are of course some types of flower where there is no other choice than to freely bind the wedding bouquet in this manner.
    • Pinned wedding bouquet - a holder is used for the flowers with florist's material soaked in water. The flowers are then pinned into this material. This is above all used for quickly fading flowers such as daisies, which quickly wither in the heat of the summer. The advantage is a cheaper price than in the case of wadded binding. Another advantage is that the bouquet does not require water as this is contained in the holder. A disadvantage is that the bouquet must be held upright. Thus, if the bride is not careful with the bouquet, she could soil her dress with the florist's material.
    • Wadded wedding bouquet - the stalks of individual flowers are cut off under the flower and the stalks are replaced with wadding soaked in water and bound with wire. Preparation of a wadded bouquet can take as long as several hours and the whole binding process for this sort of bouquet can take as long as three to five hours. We use this type of binding for round and cascading bouquets. The advantage of this binding is that a large number of flowers fit into the wedding bouquet while at the same time retaining a slim stalk, which is created with the aid of wires and which is very easy to hold. The stalk of the bouquet is roughly 2cm thick. The bouquet is not put into water after it has been made as this is held in the wadding for each flower. This means that the bride has dry hands during the ceremony and doesn't have to think about water for the bouquet at all. The disadvantage however is the higher price due to the demanding nature of the work and material used.
  • The season

    • Vegetation period of the flowers - every flower blooms in a different season and this also applies to flowers grown in greenhouses. Red roses can be purchased all year round but if you wanted a specific type of red rose, then you will have difficulties finding this during certain months. For example tulips are available only in the winter and in spring. And at the end of the season it is only possible to get certain colours of tulip. Lily of the valley, snowdrops and other spring flowers can only be found in the spring.
    • Holidays - the price of flowers increases around the time of larger holidays when there is a great demand for flowers, even several times compared to the average price for the time in question. Growers and sellers of flowers react in advance to the expected increase in demand for flowers by increasing their prices. Price increases are not only seen around St. Valentine's Day and Christmas, but also on days when a certain woman's name day is being celebrated in the Czech Republic and lots of women have this name. Even state holidays in other European countries have an impact on the Czech market because the foreign florists buy up the flower stocks there, the result of which is a growth in prices here in the Czech Republic.
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